The Center for Rational Prescribing (DCRx) represents a collaborative platform supported by the DC Department of Health, Innovation Horizons, the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences that is designed to provide an unbiased, evidence-based, and reliable source of certified educational programs to address key topics in public health.  For over a decade, this resource provides timely and no-cost options to help a wide range of health providers learn about therapeutic options that are of high public health interest and importance.  

Who are the learners come to DCRx for their education needs? Each year, over 5,000 health professionals come to our virtual learning platform for the needs. While our programming is focused on meeting needs of providers in the District of Columbia, over 50% of our users are registered from other states.  While many users find DCRx as an attractive source of continuing education credits for maintenance of certification or license renewal requirements, user survey data indicate that our courses provide highly engaging content by national health care experts.

Our program applies a variety of learning formats and styles that are designed to be highly effective at reaching audiences where their practice needs take them, and make the experience enjoyable. Our adaptive learning approaches engages audiences and provides feedback through knowledge checks, reminders, and self-assessments. We believe we offer important information that engages learners in use cases, and real-world settings that provide practical experiences designed for you to model in practice.  For these courses, we engage national subject matter experts and local providers who bring learners a highly relevant educational experience that they can engage in the ways and times when they wish. 

We hope that you will share your DCRx learning experiences with your peers and find the effective ways to strengthen your practice and offer.